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npx coupon

Save when you're finished making changes. It is very important to book your NPX tickets prior to booking your lodging and meals to guarantee your desired NPX date. We will also offer a buffet option in the restauant on select evenings. This package is only offered to guests attending the NPX workshop during their stay. NPX discounted guestroom rate: We do have a discounted guestroom rate available to guests that want to stay at the hotel but do not want to purchase all the meals in the package. When a writer hasn't uploaded a full draft, the Download button will be inactive for that play. Plays, why is the Download link not active for the play I want to read? We are no longer offering the NPX Dinner Buffet. . If you are logged into the NPX when you do, you'll see a Tag Your Play button at the bottom of the opportunity page: if you click that button, you're done! Can I upload a new draft? NPX Breakfast Buffet with Santa at Little America please click on the link below to purchase meal only tickets.

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Please note: Little America packages and hotel occupancy for NPX only represents 40 of guests that travel to NPX nightly. Now your work is there to be discovered by the users who are searching the database! Please plan ahead to avoid disappointment. If you are guest of the North Pole Experience that does not happen to be staying at the Little America Hotel with an NPX package, but would like to purchase the. Opportunities, how do opportunities work on the NPX? For a complete and detailed description, please visit our Facebook page and read our note about. (Though roughly 90 of the writers in the NPX database.) Some simply share samples and synopses.

Billing AND upgrades, how do I update my billing information? I'm wondering how y'all feel about the New Play Exchange. How can I purchase additional features? How do I tag my play for an opportunity?