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battle and can stand on even footing with him now. Dawn is basically Johanna ten or twenty years younger, with long hair. The Chosen One : It's implied that Tapu Koko gave them the base for their Z-Ring because they saw something extraordinary in them (with said treatment usually being confined to island Kahunas). Artificial Brilliance : When you're teaming up with him in a Double Battle, Hugh can sometimes be seen taking advantage of the player's Pokmon's abilities. Generation Xerox : He looks and acts like his father, right down to the Crash-Into Hello. During the optional battle with him at the entrance of the Battle Tree, Red's team is actually weaker than it was during the battle on Mount Silver a decade earlier, with lower levels and, with a few Pokmon, lackluster movepools. Somewhat notably, while all three of his starters have used the Starter Ultimate Moves, and Mega Evolution, only his Venusaur is equipped to use Z-Moves in Sun and Moon.

He never appears in the game, though. He starts out as an Arrogant Kung-Fu Guy before mellowing out by the endgame. Trevor is The Smart Guy who is more focused on finishing the Pokedex and learning about new types of Pokmon. You can express indifference to Alolan culture, insult Hau and Lillie, and tell Sophocles that you don't like his Festival Plaza. Suddenly Voiced : The protagonist, unlike future heroes, and ironically enough considering Red's reputation, actually makes the odd internal comment when examining objects (where most future Player Characters merely get descriptions such as mentioning his/her dad when you check out the televisions in the Celadon. Literal English translation What? In Ultra Sun and Moon he appears to be wiping away tears before turning to face you with a smile after challenging you for the title of Champion. While Elio hasn't appeared in the Pokmon Sun and Moon anime, his default clothes are the inspiration for Ash's outfit during that arc. Super Mode : In the remakes they gain the ability to use Mega Evolution. Suddenly Voiced : When you enter Dragonspiral Tower, what appears to be internal dialogue states that "Something's. Catch-Phrase : "Smell ya later! Spear Counterpart : To Hilda.

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